Application for BPI Accreditation
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  • Only complete applications will be processed in the order they are received by BPI.
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected and you will be notified.
  • Fees associated with this application are non refundable.
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Instructions on completing this  application.
Business Applying For Accreditation - Physical Address
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This is for use for new Accreditations.
Please complete the information below for authorized business contact information. The primary contact name will receive all direct mail, invoicing mail and email communications from BPI.
Business Contact Information - Mailing Address
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Please check the following and attach the documents to fulfill these requirements (Maximum size is 12 MB): This must be in PDF Format and labeled as the document they represent.
Expiration Date:

Expiration Date:

If you are accrediting as a DBA, your company’s Certificate of DBA must be submitted with this application. Attach your DBA Certificate by clicking on the browse button immediately to the right.  
* Customer Dispute Resolution Policy.  You may click on the link and copy and paste to your company letterhead sign date on company letterhead. Attach the document by clicking on the browse button immediately to the right.  
* Accreditation Agreement  Please check the box and then click on the underlined link Once the agreement opens you will then electronically sign the agreement save it as a PDF to your desk top and then Attach to the Browse button at the right OR Print the document sign it and scan it to your computer and attach as a PDF to the browse button on the right. We will only require that you provide us with the signature page.  
Please complete the following information.
List only those Technicians that hold active BPI Certifications. Accreditation requires that you employ at minimum one (1) active Building Analyst and one (1) active Specialty Certification: Heating Professional; Envelope Professional; and/or AC Professional according to the work performed by your company.
*BPI ID #   
Certifications Held (check those that apply)
Multiple locations applying for accreditation,
  • An application needs to be completed for each location. n needs to be completed for each location.
  • Each location will have to have its own separate BPI certified staff.
  • Staff certifications cannot be shared between accredited companies.
  • If you are accrediting a second location you will need to proceed to the fee schedule. See here.
BPI’s Annual Renewal date is January 1st.  You will be required to renew online.  Your renewal invoice will be emailed to you on October 1st each year. Reminders will be sent at 30 day intervals beginning in October. Renewal Applications submitted after January 1st may be subject to disciplinary action.
If you are paying by check, please mail all required documentation and the typed application form to:
Building Performance Institute Inc.
New Accreditation
107 Hermes Rd., Suite 110
Malta, New York 12020
Please continue to the Credit Card Authorization Form to complete your initial application for BPI Accreditation:
Application Fee Credit Card Authorization Form
If you would like to pay the non-refundable BPI Accreditation Application Fee by credit card, please complete the form below and submit with the other documents in this application. Click here to browse the fee schedule for new Accreditation.  By submitting this application you have agreed to BPI charging your Credtit Card in the amount of your invoice Accreditation/Quality Assurance Invoice.
* Legal Business Name of Company/or Legal DBA Name that this fee will be applied to:  
Cardholder agrees to allow Building Performance Institute, Inc (BPI) to charge this credit card for the amount based upon the fee schedule link above for all associated fees for Accreditation Application and Quality Assurance fees to the date we have received this application.
*Type of Card:   
If a renewal please check your invoice that was emailed to you in your reminder
*Card Number:   
*Expiration:     (MM/YYYY)
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By submitting these documents and the application with my electronic signature I am validating that in fact I am representing my company to Building Performance Institute Inc. and agree that the company listed above and on all associated documents will abide by all terms and conditions of this agreement,